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Agitated Plover Salon
December 7, 2013

APS December 2013 Invitation


Agitated Plover Salon
Welcome to the Agitated Plover Salon. We are a group of Kingston based contemporary artists working in a range of media. Our current project "Unapologetically Expedient" is a series of 3-hour exhibitions that infiltrate unexpected venues while exploiting an economy of available resources. In November 2013, we took over a vacant duplex, and in December 2013, we transformed a renovated garage. 2014 exhibition venues and dates to be announced in the new year. Agitated Plover Salon was formed in July 2013 from participants of Your Own Grad School, a project by Cliff Eyland and Jeanne Randolph that took place at Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre, March 9-April 20, 2013. Our mission is to seize the indomitable spirit of DIY and renegade intellectualism to foster community, revel in artistic discussion and argument, and create opportunities for growth. Collective members are: Sunny Kerr, Julia Krolik, Michèle LaRose, Erin Milliken, Milosh Rodic, Chantal Rousseau, and Harry Symons.


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