Poems of the “Tributes” Suite ~ Poèmes de la suite “Hommages”


A reflection on artists and works that
cause me to question my premises

make me consider different styles and palettes,
shock with blazing colour or extended monochromy

Some puzzle me with their limited means and
inspire me with deep connection

others challenge me with uncomfortable palette or
intrigue me with multiple repetitions and minor variations

I offer them thanks for the light

That continues to shine

© Michèle LaRose, 2019


Agnes Martin (1912-2004)

Soft connections
absence of jarring note
quiet transitions

No loudness here
just gentle musings
on life and loving
the sweetness of being

© Michèle LaRose, 2019


Wari of the Ancient Andes*

Streaking colours across the ages
remind of lives lived
a millennium ago
and more

Their joy is our joy
their death is our death
colour in structure
it will ever be so

*the Wari civilization flourished from 500 – 1000AD in the south-central Andes and coastal area of modern-day Peru

© Michèle LaRose, 2019

Wari des Andes anciennes *

Des couleurs rayonnant à travers les âges
rappellent des vies vécus
il y a millénium passé
et plus

Leur joie est notre joie
leur décès est notre décès
de la couleur en structure
il sera toujours ainsi

* la civilisation Wari était florissante de 500-1000 après J.-C. dans la région
centre-sud des Andes et la zone côtière du Pérou contemporain