SHAPES FROM THE AIR ~ Installation 2017 ~ Michèle LaRose


by Michèle LaRose

A slow release,
Of association, intimation, recognition.
A gentle curve, a corner discovered,
A shadow sensed, a space allowed,
A planar vision, a delicate pavane,
A visual walk along unknown paths.

No illustration of pondered theory,
Or statement on the condition of the world.
Rather, a meandering reflection of an obsession
With colour and shape, and how they slink together
And give each other support,
And energy.

Seeking no meaning for myself,
And with no desire to guide your view,
I offer visual poems, or surfaces akin to music,
Where the colours and shapes
Act on me, and you, with elegant line,
Counterpoint, satisfying curve,
Grating shade, buoyant lightness,
Uneasy texture, or solid feel.

Discovery is the drug
That keeps me coming back
For another suggestive shape,
Another confusing movement,
Another pushy colour,
That keep my mind alert and
The juices flowing.

Seeing is the point.
Intrigue is the goal.
Simply that.

* This title was influenced by John Ashbery’s book of poetry “Notes from the Air”. When asked about the title, he said his ideas came from the air, or possibly his subconscious. I liked this idea as it seemed to describe the way paintings develop for me.

©Michèle LaRose, verb gallery, 2017

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